01 December 2005

The Carefuls

An early gig at the famous Mather Club, right.

My girlfriend Catherine and I have started a rock band. It's all pinched-looking moms with glasses — well, so far we've been lucky — and we're called The Carefuls. True, we don't have as many lower-back tattoos as some other girl bands, but we make up for it with our vast experience doing middle-school homework. Having a kid in middle school isn't absolutely required — but it helps.

Our first release will be two songs (we just can't get over that old-fashioned "A" side "B" side thing). The "A" side is "You'll Put Your Eye Out With That," and side "B" is "When Peter Gets a Job." We have a few other songs in the works: a spirited cover of the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting," and others: "I Ovulate for Tim Robbins," "Ask Me if I Give a Shit" and "I Googled your Mom for her Cranberry Mold Recipe."

We're looking for gigs — after the holidays, of course, when we have a little extra time, all those pesky crafts projects are off the dining-room table, and the kids are back in middle school. Anyone interested in talking to us, especially on the air, especially Terry Gross, can contact us here.


Anonymous said...

The anticipation is building. When will there be a show? And .mp3? And Liam will get involved, just like Michael Jackson. And he'll develop great dance steps and a fan base. And then he'll become incredibly famous. And then... Oh, never mind.


Miriam said...

The Carefuls is a great name! I hope you have some music videos and cds and on-line stuff for those of us who can't go see you in the clubs because we can't get a babysitter!

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

I miss your blog! Post!