27 March 2009

Mercado Centrale, Las Ramblas

Oh oh oh. (sigh)

And Speaking of Italy Let's Talk About Rome.

Ah, Rome. I painted this out the window of our small hotel, when I was in Rome with Jim. Jim would go out and explore in the mornings--this day I think he'd discovered some faux-crypt, sculpted, perhaps, of real human remains...it was very luxurious sending him out to do all the church-looking while I took my time lounging by the window, and he would return with sfogliatelle and cannoli and other divine Italian pastries. While I waited, I painted. This. I'd boiled up a little water for tea, and continue to paint. It was April and it was beautiful every day. In a few days we would depart for Vietri, amazing ceramics, and more pastries.

Milan Canal

Did you know Milan has canals? Yup. Those wacky fascists paved them over so tanks could lumber down them during WW2. However, a few canals remain; perhaps all the better to schlep down munitions, who knows. This canal'd street was where my lovely Milanese friends Fiorella and her partner, Argentinian cartoonist Jose Muñoz, lived, where I stayed a couple of times, years ago. Where are you now Fiorella?

Urban Sketchers: I'm there!

What I've decided to do for awhile: post some paintings of urban landscapes. I've done these for years, on and off, and this site is very inspiring. So even though I am dead tired and should take a nap, I am going to upload an image or two. Urban Sketchers, wait up!